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19 lakhs to be invested in LIC’s Jeevan Lakshya Policy on daily investment


Life Insurance Corporation: Life Insurance Corporation i.e. LIC provides different policies to the customers. These policies are designed keeping in mind the different categories. Investments in LIC are policies ranging from children to senior citizens. These policies have been designed in such a way that it can fetch big bucks in future. LIC provides customers term plans, life insurance and endowment plans etc.

Today we will tell you about such a policy of LIC in which you can get Rs 19 lakh 70 thousand by investing Rs 154 daily. Along with this, you get many other benefits by investing in this scheme. The policy also provides a lump sum at the end of the maturity period, irrespective of whether the policy holder is alive or not.

In case of death, this scheme gives income every year which is quite beneficial for the family of the deceased. A person from 18 years to 50 years can take this policy. The minimum sum assured in this policy is Rs 1,00,000 while there is no maximum limit.

Now the question is, how will we get 19 lakh and 70 thousand rupees by filling 154 rupees daily in this policy with all the benefits. There will also be a question in your mind that for how many days you will have to invest this Rs 154 daily. Let us understand an example of how you will get such a huge amount.

Age: 30
Term: 20
PPT: 17
DAB: 10,00000
Death Sum Assured: 11,00000
Basic Sum Assured: 10,00000

First Year Premium with 4.5% Tax –

Annual: 57771 (55283 + 2488)
Half Yearly: 29191 (27934 + 1257)
Quarterly: 14748 (14113 + 635)
Monthly: 4916 (4704 + 212)
YLY Mode Average Premium / Daily: 158

After deducting the first year premium with reduced tax –

Annual: 56527 (55283 + 1244)
Half Yearly: 28563 (27934 + 629)
Quarterly: 14431 (14113 + 318)
Monthly: 4810 (4704 + 106)
YLY Mode Average Premium / Daily: 154

Total Estimated Premium Payable: 962203 Rs.

Bonus: 247000
Estimated Return on Maturity:
SA: 1000000
Bonus: 900000
FAB: 70000

Total Estimated Return at Maturity: 19,70,000

According to the above example, if a person chooses a 20-year term plan at the age of 30 and a sum assured of Rs 10,00,000, then he has to pay Rs 154 daily for 17 years. In this way, he has to pay a total of Rs 96,2203. This amount will be Rs 19,70,000 on maturity. Apart from this, the policyholder will also get 11,00000 death sum assured in this policy.

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