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3525 new cases of corona in 24 hours, 122 deaths, number of infected near 75 thousand


Coronavirus COVID-19 Tracker India LIVE Latest News Updates: The number of corona victims in the country continues to increase. With the arrival of 3525 new cases in the last 24 hours, now the number of infected in India has reached 74 thousand 281. At the same time, the number of total deaths in the country has also reached 2415 with 122 lives lost in a day. The only positive news is that 1871 patients have been cured in the country in the last 24 hours. The number of active cases in India is now 47 thousand 480, while a total of 24 thousand 386 have been discharged after recovering from the disease.

If we remove the proportion of total infected and cured people in the country, 31.7% of people suffering from corona have recovered and returned to their homes. On the other hand, the death rate of corona in India is the lowest in the world at 3.2 percent. The average of deaths from this virus in the world is around 7-7.5%.

The worst situation in India is in Maharashtra, where the number of infected people has now crossed 24 thousand. In Mumbai alone, about 15,000 cases have been confirmed. Of the total 921 deaths in the state, 556 deaths are in Mumbai itself. On the other hand, the situation in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu is also getting worse. In both the states, the number of cases has now come close to the figure of 9 thousand. However, where 537 people have lost their lives in Gujarat so far, in Tamil Nadu the figure is only 61. The special thing is that the number of patients recovering in Tamil Nadu is less than in Gujarat.

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