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61 thousand crore rupees of Tata Group in Corona’s quandary


61 thousand crore rupees of Tata Group in Corona's quandary 1

new Delhi. Corona caused a huge panic in the stock market today. On the day of Expiry Day, the biggest decline was seen in 10 years. Which had to bear the brunt of the country’s largest group Tata Group. Shares of 15 of the 17 Tata group companies closed in the stock market. Due to which the Tata group suffered a loss of more than 61 thousand crores from the market. The biggest loss was to the country’s largest IT company TCS. Big companies like Tata Motors, Titan, Tata Steel have also suffered big losses. Let’s talk about TCS first.

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TCS lost about 51 thousand crores
Tata Consultancy, the country’s largest IT company and the second largest valuer of the stock market, suffered a loss of 51 thousand crores today due to the fall in the stock market. Today the company’s shares fell by 5.50 per cent. Due to which the market cap of the company came down from Rs 9,25,769.60 crore to Rs 8,74,868.49 crore. Today the company’s stock closed at Rs 2331.50. While the company’s stock closed at Rs 2467.15 on Wednesday.

The rest of the group’s companies also suffered badly
Talk about the rest of the Tata group companies, Tata Motors has incurred a loss of Rs 2641.07 crore. Whereas, with the fall in the shares of Tata Steel, the market has seen a decline of Rs 1987.86 crore. The Titan Company has suffered a loss of Rs 1908.74 crore. While the market cap of Tata Chemicals has fallen by Rs 352.83 crore. Tata Power Rs 1022.50 crore, Indian Hotels Rs 112.97 crore, Tata Consumer Rs 497.63 crore, Tata Communications Rs 686.82 crore, Tata Investment 163.42, Tata Metallics Rs 41.98 crore, Tata Alexey Rs 123.61 crore, Nelco Rs 17.11 crore Voltages Limited has incurred a loss of Rs 585.66 crore and Tata Coffee Rs 49.49 crore. Due to the fall in 15 companies of the group, the group has incurred a loss of Rs 61092.69 crore.

Big loss to 15 companies of Tata group

Name of companies Loss in stock market (in crore rupees)
TCS 51,000
Tata motors 2641.07
Tata steel 1987.86
Titan company 1908.74
Tata chemicals 352.83
Tata power 1022.50
Indian Hotels 112.97
Tata consumer 497.63
Tata communication 686.82
Tata investment 163.42
Tata metallics 41.98
Tata Alexi 123.61
Nelco 17.11
Voltas Limited 585.66
Tata coffee 49.49
total loss 61092.69

These two companies closed with a slight increase
On the other hand, two companies of the group closed flatly with slight gains. First of all, Trent Ltd. shares of the company closed at a flat level of Rs 625.35 with a gain of 0.12 percent. While the company’s stock closed at Rs 624.60 on Wednesday. Today the company’s stock opened at Rs 614.55. At the same time, the shares of Tata Steel Long Products Ltd. closed at Rs 319 with a slight increase of one rupee. While the company’s stock closed at Rs 318 on Wednesday. The company closed today at Rs 313.


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