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After all, why is the Petrol-Diesel Demand falling in the Unlock Period?


After all, why is the Petrol-Diesel Demand falling in the Unlock Period? 1

new Delhi. Unlock 1.0 was announced in June, after which the demand for petrol and diesel increased due to a spurt in economic activity, but once again the decline in economic activity due to Coronavirus Lockdown Has been seen Due to which there has been a decline in demand. On the other hand, local lockdown (Coronavirus Local Lockdown) and Fuel Price Rise have also been the reason for the drop in demand (Petrol Diesel Demand Down). Let us also tell you what kind of figures have come out in the present time.

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Decline in demand for diesel
– The first 15 days of July saw an 18% drop in diesel demand compared to June.
– During the same period, there was a decline of 6 percent in petrol demand.
– Compared to year-on-year, the demand for diesel dropped by 21% in the first 15 days of July.
– During the same period, petrol demand fell by 12 percent.
In the month of June, there was a 17% fall in the demand for diesel for the entire month based on year-on-year.
– During the same period, the demand for petrol has come down by 15%.

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What do you know
According to experts, the demand for petrol and diesel has also been affected due to the monsoon in the month of July. At the same time, as soon as the mobility got independence after the lockdown in the month of June, recovery was seen in V Shape in Fuel Demand. He has appealed to the government that there should be no impact on mobility amidst local lockdown. Let me tell you that in the month of July, there has been an increase of 5 days. Whereas in the month of June, the price of diesel was increased by more than Rs 11 per liter.

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