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Airtel Payments Bank launches ‘DigiGold’ platform, invest in gold easily from home


Airtel Payments Bank launches 'DigiGold' platform, invest in gold easily from home 1

New Delhi. Airtel Payments Bank, associated with telecom company Bharti Airtel, has introduced a new platform for its customers to invest in gold on the occasion of Akshaya Tritiya. Airtel Payments Bank has launched the digital platform DigiGold. The company has launched DigiGold in association with Safe Gold (SafeGold), a provider of gold in digital form. Airtel Payments Bank said that the savings account customers of Airtel Payments Bank with DigiGold will be able to invest in 24-carat gold using the Airtel Thanks app. Customers can also gift it to their family and friends.

Purchased gold is completely safe
Airtel Payments Bank has issued a statement saying that customers can gift these digital gold to their family and friends. For this, their savings account is required to be in Airtel Payments Bank. Safe Gold will keep the gold purchased by the customers with complete protection. The company said that the gold purchased by the customers will be safely kept safe gold and no additional charges will be charged for it. Also, there is no need for any minimum investment value.

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Selling digital gold is also easy
Airtel Payments Bank Chief Operating Officer Ganesh Ananthanarayanan said that Digital Gold Company has a new facility in banking activities, which is completely safe and simple. He said that customers can sell their digital gold at any time by following a few steps through the Airtel Thanks App. There is no minimum value for investment in it. He further added that customers can now invest in gold through a seamless digital journey on our app. It is very easy and simple.

Invest a fixed amount every month
Informing about this, Ganesh Ananthanarayanan said that customers of Airtel Payments Bank can easily buy gold sitting at home through digital through the app. It is also being planned to give customers the option of investing a fixed amount every month, ie Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). Through which customers will be able to invest regularly. Gaurav Mathur, MD, Safe Gold, said that every Indian requires some share of gold in its investment portfolio. In such a situation, online buying and selling of gold will make every Indian a great investment option.


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