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Akshay Kumar becomes ‘padman’ in real life, will give sanitary pads to needy women


Akshay Kumar made a film on periods called Padman. After the film, Akshay has now become ‘Padman’ in real life. Actually, Akshay is associated with the campaign to provide sanitary pads to needy women. The NGO named Surrender is providing 10,000 sanitary pads to the needy women in Mumbai every day in association with FACC.

Akshay had sought help from people tweeting about it. He had tweeted, ‘Your support is needed for a good cause. Periods do not stop at Kovid, help provide pads to needy women in Mumbai, every donation counts. ‘

NGO founder Dr. Ruma Bhargava while talking to Pinkvilla said, ‘Only 42% of women in India use pads, there can be many reasons such as inability to buy, lack of availability, awareness of menstrual hygiene lack of.’

Akshay Kumar donated 45 lakhs to CINTAA

Many people in the film and TV industry have lost their jobs due to Corona virus. Akshay is coming forward to help all those people. Akshay has donated 4.5 million in Cine and TV Artist Association. In a conversation with the Times of India, Amit Bahl, Senior Joint Secretary, Cine and TV Artists Association (CINTAA) has confirmed the news of a donation of Rs 45 lakh made by Akshay Kumar.

Amit told that Akshay Kumar heard the problem and asked us for a list of people. The list was given and three thousand rupees were transferred to each one’s account. Total was a list of 1500 people. 45 lakhs in total. Apart from this, Sajid and Akshay have promised that they will help in the same way if any further problem arises and the difficulties of laborers increase.

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