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Ali Fazal had learned to be independent in his teens.


Actor Ali Fazal learned to be independent in his teens and realized that this freedom brings a lot of responsibility. The actor said that his boarding school experience prepared him better in dealing with lockdown.

Ali has been at his Bandra home since early March, and is doing well at home without anyone’s help. Ali said, “I am an accidental cook. But by staying out of the house and in boarding school, I realized that I can manage well on my own. He said, “I remember when I was in my teens when I first went to Doon. I struggled for a few weeks. But later it became enjoyable. Being independent has its advantages but this freedom comes with a lot of responsibility.

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The actor feels, “As you grow up, you start working, you want a better life for yourself. “Home is your safe haven and I kept myself away from it to maintain my preference. Men have different thinking about doing household chores. But if you have a house, you will work only. I am comfortable with myself because of my experience of being at Bodring School. I love my people. I want them but don’t need them.

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