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Amitabh Bachchan booked 3 chartered flights for 500 migrant laborers


Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan has provided flight facilities to send more than 500 people home to migrant laborers from Uttar Pradesh stranded in Mumbai. Amitabh is doing all these things secretly because he does not want to do any publicity in noble works. Still people are praising this generosity of Amitabh fiercely.

According to the report of the Mid-Day website, Big B has booked 3 charter flights to send migrant laborers to Varanasi. His work is being supervised by a close aide of Big B and Rajesh Yadav, the managing director of his company. The source was quoted as saying, ‘Big B does not want to promote these works. All work is being done only after consulting them. Seeing the problems of migrant laborers, he was very sad and wanted to help them.

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According to the report, Amitabh booked the flights of Indigo Airlines to Varanasi which left this morning. At the same time, 180 workers have been asked to reach the airport at 6 am. According to the news, Amitabh arranged for the first train, but the flight option was chosen when the arrangements could not be made. The other two flights will also leave for Varanasi today. It is also being told that in the coming time, Big B will arrange plane tickets at his own cost to send people to West Bengal, Bihar, Tamil Nadu and other states.

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