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‘Anurag Kashyap was annoyed when the actress gave sexual favors in exchange for work’


Anurag Kashyap has recently been accused of sexual harassment by actress Payal Ghosh. Many celebs have come forward in their support after Anurag was accused. Now Anurag’s former assistant supported Anurag and narrated an anecdote when an actress asked Anurag to give her a ‘sexual favor’ in exchange for getting the role.

Jaideep wrote, this is the right time to tell that story when I was an assistant to Anurag Kashyap in 2004. I was also watching the work of secondarycasting for the film. Then came a young actress who wanted to be a part of the film and also wanted to meet Anurag.

Jaideep wrote in another tweet, she waited for some time and when Anurag finished the narration, he agreed to meet her. That actress felt that the work gets done only through casting couch. She started speaking to Anurag sir about some favors. Anurag stood up and asked him not to do so. She told the actress that if she is fit for the role then she will definitely be a part of the film. Apart from this, they will not find work in any other way.

Jaideep further wrote, saying this thing, Anurag walked out of the room. I was surprised to see all this. Later Anurag told me that he was surprised to see that young women feel that this is the only way to ask for work, which she can adopt.

Jaideep further wrote, ‘I am not blaming the woman. Many people like him come into the industry and believe that through this he can work in films and this can also be true but by working with Anurag I can see that he is very much respected for women in terms of casting We do.’

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