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‘Apna Pump’ is giving you cheap Diesel, know which people will benefit the most


'Apna Pump' is giving you cheap Diesel, know which people will benefit the most 1

new Delhi. Coronavirus Lockdown has caused the most damage to truck owners. When the lockdown ended, the price of petrol and diesel increased (Petrol and Diesel Prices Hiked). Truck drivers’ headaches have been increased by Diesel Price Hike. At the same time, a service named ‘Apna Pump’ has been started by Gurugram’s new startup WheelsI, which gives truck drivers the address of the Faithfull Petrol Pump. From where they can buy quality diesel. You will also be able to take one percent cashback. Let us also tell you about this service…

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750 pumps of the country have joined the service
According to WheelsI’s spokesperson Vipul Khanna, the condition of truck owners has been severely affected during the Corona era. At the same time, diesel prices have also seen an increase in their cost. He said that if the company has started such a service, then with the availability of quality diesel, one percent cashback will also be given at a fixed time of the month. That is, the company is connected to 750 petrol pumps of the country. If the truck owners fill diesel with them, one percent cashback will be deposited on the first day of the month.

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Hands are mixed with these companies
On behalf of the Wheels company, HPCL, BPCL and Reliance have joined hands for this project. About 750 petrol pumps are connected to these three companies. Truck owners who want to take advantage of this service are given a list of petrol pumps associated with this service. The driver of the truck goes to that pump to fill the diesel and gives his code while making the slip. Because of this, their information reaches the company’s central server, so that the cash back is given on the first date of the next month.

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Know the annual savings on a truck
A truck travels 3000 km a day for 25 days in the country. At the same time, the truck can travel 3 kilometers on a liter of diesel. That is, he will have to pay a diesel of 1000 rupees in a month. At the same time, 12 thousand liters of diesel will be used in a truck in a year. Presently, if the average price of diesel is charged at Rs 80 in the country, then it will have to spend Rs 10 lakh annually. If you see a cashback of one percent on this, then there will be a savings of 10 thousand rupees.


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