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Bad news for Cigarettes and Pan Masala enthusiasts, may increase Cess


Bad news for Cigarettes and Pan Masala enthusiasts, may increase Cess 1

new Delhi. Cigarettes and Pan Masala is bad news for amateurs. The CST on Cigarettes and Pan Masala can be increased in the GST Council meeting likely this month. At the same time, measures to meet the compensation needs can also be discussed in this meeting. Also, three top suggestions for raising compensation funds can also be discussed. Let us tell you that due to Corona virus, the government is getting very less GST collection. Because of which there is no earning. Due to which the expenses of the government are also not being met.

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Cess will increase on sin goods
According to the media report, a proposal to increase the cess on sin goods can be discussed in the GST Council meeting. States like Punjab, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Goa, Delhi have been suggested to increase the cess on sin goods in the last few days. Currently, cess is imposed on sin goods i.e. cigarettes, pan masala and aerated drinks. Also, cess is imposed on luxury products like cars.

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Cess can increase up to 130 percent
According to the information, 100% cess is applied on pan masala. According to the cess rules, the maximum limit for applying it is up to 130 percent. If the council operates according to the rules, then the cess rate on pan masala can be increased up to 30 per cent. At the same time, the maximum cess limit on cured drinks can be capped at 15 per cent. It is now 12 percent.

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How much can cess increase on cigarette
If we talk about cigarettes, maximum cess can be imposed, which is 290 percent, of which Rs 4170 per thousand sticks with Valeram. Presently, all categories of cigarette cigarettes cost Rs 4,170 per thousand stick extras. If we talk about cess, then only a maximum of 36 per cent of the cess is levied. While the GST Council has the option to levy 254 per cent extras.


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