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Bank customers should be careful! Account can be empty, keep safe like this


Bank customers should be careful! Account can be empty, keep safe like this 1

new Delhi.
SBI Alert: Due to the increasing cyber crime across the country, it is very important to keep money safe. Along with Digital Transaction, online fraud cases are also increasing. This is the reason that banks keep sending messages to their customers from time to time through email, Bank Alert. Meanwhile, the country’s largest bank State Bank of India (SBI Safety Tips) has given safety tips by alerting its customers. Let us know that through USB device, dangerous viruses like Malware can come in computer or mobile. It has to be very careful, because in such a situation the risk of customers’ data being stolen increases.

SBI tells safety tips
SBI has informed the bank customers about some safety tips through tweets. The bank told customers what they should and should not do during this period. The bank has written, ‘If any users are negligent while using USB, then the risk of malware in their device increases. If you also want to protect your device from malware, then keep some special tips in mind.

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what should be done?
SBI said in the video that always scan the USB device with antivirus before using it. Apart from this, keep the password in the device. Use USB Security Products to copy the data. Encrypt files and folders associated with the bank statement.

should should not?
Do not share your sensitive information like bank details and passwords to anyone.
Do not accept any kind of promotional USB device from unknown people.
Do not plug your USB device into a virus infected system.


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