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Bank is running special schemes for women, know how you can avail its benefits


Bank is running special schemes for women, know how you can avail its benefits 1

new Delhi. Excellent balance, whether at home or outside, is their specialty. From running a home at low cost to hospitality, from children’s fees to treatment expenses, Career For Women handles all expenses well. Keeping this in mind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is running special schemes to make the women self-reliant. These schemes are in the bank.

Women can avail these schemes from Women Government Bank Scheme. You can take advantage of these schemes and put in your business which will work for your future. Let’s know what these plans are …

Scheme Mudra Loan for Women

In this scheme, emphasis is being given on giving loans to women. Women are helped and given loans to start small businesses such as beauty parlors, tailoring units, tuition centers. In 2019, 220596 crore rupees were distributed under the Mudra Loan Scheme.

Special things ..

– The Mudra loan scheme run by the Ministry of Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises (MSME) of the Central Government aims to start more and more industries and promote old industries in the country.
– For this, first have to apply
– The government gives the currency card after verification
– This scheme is divided into three categories namely Shishu, Kishore and Tarun.

Annapurna Scheme

If you want to do business about this, then the food catering business is helped under this scheme.

Special things ..

These can serve as tiffin service, packed snacks
– It gets a loan of up to 50 thousand rupees.
– This loan has to be returned within 36 months
Interest is charged as per the market rate
You can get more information from State Bank of Mysore

Udyogini Scheme

The basic motive behind launching the Udyogini scheme is to empower women. Under this scheme, women get loans, which women want to do their own business.

Special things ..

– They can take loans for small scale business, retail business and agriculture activities
– You must be between 18 and 45
– Maximum loan is up to 1 lakh rupees.
– Contact Punjab & Sind Bank

Feminine power package

Companies that have more than 50% shares in the name of women can take advantage of this scheme. Under this, such companies get loans in which more than 50 percent of the participation is of women.

Special things ..

In this, if the loan amount is more than 2 lakh rupees, then the interest rate is 0.5 percent.
– No security has to be deposited on loans up to Rs. 5 lakhs.
– This is the scheme of SBI

Dena Shakti Scheme

This is the scheme of Dena Bank.

Special things ..

– The scheme has been prepared with focus on agriculture, small enterprise, retail trade, micro credit, educational and housing.
– Up to Rs 20 lakh loan is being given in education and retail

Special Features of Bharatiya Mahila Bank ..

Under this bank, loans are given to women who want to start their business.
– It has been merged with State Bank of India. You will get more information here

St. Kalyani Scheme

The scheme of Central Bank of India targets women doing micro and small-scale business in the manufacturing and service industries.

Special things ..

– This includes Handicraft Makers, Tailors, Doctors, Beauty Parlors, Garment Making, Transport Business etc.
– This scheme is not applicable for Retail Trade, Educational Training Institute and Self Help Groups.


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