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Bank’s Hidden Charges: Bank charges fees for ATM Transaction to Money Transfer and Debit cards, Read full news


Bank's Hidden Charges: Bank charges fees for ATM Transaction to Money Transfer and Debit cards, Read full news 1

New Delhi: Rajat needed an old bank statement of his own, but the original copy of the 7-month-old statement has gone somewhere. On the advice of his wife, he called the bank and requested another duplicate statement and within a short time his statement came on his email. After this service, he did not get tired of praising his bank in front of everyone, but he does not know that his bank has taken full 50 rupees from him for this duplicate statement too.

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Yes, Rajat is not the only one who is unaware of what the bank takes money from. This is the reason that many times, due to the services and facilities provided by banks, people become fans instead of their customers, but the bank does not give any concession in its business to the customer, because with such small services, he fills his treasury. .

If you also come across all those people like Rajat, then we will tell you about all those hidden Charges of the bank that the bank collects from you.

Non-maintenance of minimum balance- It is necessary to keep some minimum balance in Savings Account, if you are not able to do so, the bank charges a penalty from you. Every bank charges different penalties like HDFC Bank charges 300 Rs plus tax.

Debit Card Fees- For this, the bank charges you from Rs 99 to Rs 750.

Money Transfer Charges- RTGS, IMPS, NEFT do not do anything for free. The bank charges you from one rupee to 50 rupees for each service.

ATM Transaction Charges- After an ATM transaction, you also have to pay a fee to the bank for this service. Charges from 20 rupees to 50 rupees.

Duplicate Statement Charges – Bank charges 50-100 rupees for duplicate statement.

Debit Card Replacement- The bank charges you Rs 200 for card replacement.


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