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Biden’s rise boosts US markets, European markets also boom


Biden's rise boosts US markets, European markets also boom 1

new Delhi. The American presidential election is going to be historic. However, both the party and the candidates are claiming their respective victories. At the same time, Biden is completely on edge. Leading from 238 seats. The effect of which is clearly visible from the American stock market to the European markets. The delay in waiting for the results has been open since the beginning. Both Nasdaq and Nasdaq and the Dow Jones are seeing huge gains. On the other hand, the New York Stock Exchange is on a slight decline. Talking about European markets, the euro stocks 50 and the DAX index are seeing a boom.

Fast start in US markets
First of all, the Dow Jones was trading at 27,744 points with an increase of 264 points at 9.45 am US time. While the S&P 500 index was seeing 38 points at 9.40 in the morning. The Nasdaq Composite was trading 261 points higher at 9.55 minutes with a gain of 11,422 points. The New York Stock Exchange is trading at 12882 points with a gain of 5 points at 9.42 minutes.

European market also gains
If you talk about European markets, Euro stocks 50 are trading up by 20.56 points. At the same time, the FTSE 100 index is seeing a gain of 36 points. The DAX index is trading up by 72 points. According to experts, as soon as the results of the election of the American Presidential elections are clear, the market may see a boom.

Gold prices cheaper in US markets
On the other hand, gold is coming down by about $ 11 on Comex due to the rise in US markets. Gold had initially crossed $ 1900 in early trade, but gold has started to fall as soon as the stock market opens. On the other hand, silver has also fallen by two percent. Trading at $ 23.91 per ons.

Crude oil boom
On the other hand, the price of crude oil is increasing. US crude oil is trading up 2.50 percent at around $ 39 a barrel. On the other hand, Brent crude oil is trading at $ 41 per barrel, up 2.62 percent. According to experts, the price of Brent crude oil may increase further in the coming days.


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