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Bigg Boss 14: Ali Goni threatens Kavita Kaushik, says – Slept even for 2 minutes at night


In Bigg Boss, there is a lot of fight between Kavita Kaushik and Ali Goni. But recently the dispute of both increased considerably. Actually, a new promo of the show has come out in which Bigg Boss gives special power to Kavita that she can punish anyone who according to them is breaking the rules of this house. Poetry can throw any personal item in the garbage.

Kavita throws away Ali’s belongings which makes Ali angry. Ali argues a lot before the poem. Then Kavita says that I am your father. Ali gets angry after hearing this. He also drops Dustbin, which kavita gets hurt. Ali further threatens Kavita, saying that I will make it difficult for you to live. Slept for 2 minutes at night.

Kavita again becomes emotional and says that Bigg Boss I cannot live in this house with this violent person. Get me out of here Now what will be punished by Bigg Boss for this behavior of Ali will be known in today’s episode. Also, what will be Salman Khan’s reaction to Ali will also be worth watching.

Explain that in the earlier episodes, Kavita talks to Bigg Boss about Ali. Kavita talks to Bigg Boss in pure Hindi, which the rest of the contestants are unable to stop laughing. When the poem describes Jasmin Bhasin as a female friend of Ali Goni.

Rubina gets up and walks out, saying that she cannot bear it anymore. Ali jokingly said that everyone has gone home, while Jasmine, Rahul, Abhinav and Nikki are all shocked to hear the poem’s ‘pure Hindi’.

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