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Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik left the show after a fight with Rubina Dilac? This video is going viral fast


A new promo video of Bigg Boss-14 is going viral on social media. In which Kavita Kaushik is taking a surprise exit from Bigg Boss house after a quarrel with Rubina Dilac. Actually, the main door of the house has already been opened before the finale in the show. In such a situation, Kavita is seen walking out of the main gate of Bigg Boss house after a fight with Rubina.

The channel has posted a video of Kavita’s surprise exit on social media. The video shows Kavita telling Rubina to look outside the Bigg Boss house. To which Rubina angrily shouts, “Talk to me on this.” Kavita and Rubina stare at each other angrily. After this, Kavita shouts angrily, “Do you know the truth of your husband?” One Lafa Marungi, let’s go from here. ‘ Rubina also tells Kavita to be silent while repeating the same thing. Then Kavita goes to the main gate and exits there.

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After which Rubina says- ‘Senseless, this is Kavita Kaushik. Licking your spit will come once again. ‘ Abhinav Shukla was also present there during the battle of Rubina and Kavita. The promo shows Rubina’s husband Abhinav not intervening during the fight.

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After watching the promo video of Rubina and Kavita Kaushik’s fight, fans are supporting Rubina. One user wrote- ‘A lot of love Rubina, you stay strong.’ Another user wrote- ‘Kavita Kaushik deserves this only.’ One Insta user wrote- ‘Kavita has made many mistakes at home, she should have left home.’ Let us tell you that some media reports have also indicated the exit of Kavita Kaushik’s Bigg Boss house.

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