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Bigg Boss 14: Rubina Dilac and Jasmine Bhasin clash again for captivity task, watch video


Reality show Bigg Boss 14 is being well liked. Contestants are being given such tasks in the show that now friends are also becoming enemies of each other. The show has a new promo video in which Kavita divides the show’s contestants into two teams. Rubina Dilac and Jasmine Bhasin are seen fighting amongst themselves over this captivity task.

In the video, Kavita Kaushik says, “Today Bigg Boss is entrusting a task to win the title of ‘Captaincy’. Partition.” There are two sisters in Big Boss and now they are seeking their parts by dividing the property but both families will be given the chance to win every part of this house. Now this decision is in the hands of Kavita, the head of this family.

Jasmine says in the video, “Kitchen is the most important, there should not be tension in it, a person should get relaxed food.” He (Rubina) has used the kitchen not only today but always in creating tension. After this, Rubina puts her point but Kavita hands over the kitchen and dining part to Jasmine.

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It can be seen further in the video that Rubina accuses Kavita of bias. To this, Kavita says, “If I were bypassed, I would have just turned hostile to Ali and Jasmine.” Whatever happened yesterday was very unpleasant. Man speaks many things in anger. I caught the baggage of the naughty in the house. If I wanted to, Nikki could put stuff that is easy. Kavita is then reminded that she had called Ali a day before Gunda and now she is calling him Naughty.

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After this, Ejaz Khan enters the kitchen, then Nikki tells him, ‘This is our area, let’s go out.’ Ejaz Khan gets angry on hearing this and says, ‘Now I will not leave what I want to do.’

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