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Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan’s class on Nikki Tamboli’s dirty act, said- Shame to speak, not to do?


Salman Khan is going to take class of Nikki Tamboli, Pavithra Punia and Jan Kumar Sanu in Bigg Boss weekend. Salman will give Nikki a lot to tell her to put a mask inside the pants. Actually, the promo of the show has come out in which Salman asked Nikki, where did you hide the mask? Nikki does not answer. Salman says, is ashamed to speak and not to do.

When Salman asks again, she says that she did what she should have done. After this, Salman says, you did what you should have done? It is very shocking. If Rahul Vaid did this, how would you react? After this, Salman says that Nikki is in your hands how much you want to fall. This is very embarrassing.

A class of holy and life was also organized

Salman says to Pavithra, you elbowed Ejaz and abused him. I did not give, says the Holy One. Salman then shows a video of Pavitra where she abuses Ejaz. Salman says it was angry or acting. When Salman scolds Pavitra, she says sorry. After this, Salman says, repeatedly speak sorry and then do the same things again.

Salman says to John, how have you become abusive by sweet boy. Your behavior is showing you profanity. This will not affect the other’s personality. Your image is getting spoiled. So stop abusing Actually, there was a fight between Ejaz and Jaan recently and during this time Jaan abused Ejaz.

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