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Bihar police overturns connection of death of Sushant and EX manager Disha after a phone call overturned


The SIT is looking into the case of the death of Sushant Singh Rajput and his former manager Disha Saliyan. In this episode, Patna Police team went to Disha Saliyan’s house. The police wanted to take the statement of the family members of the direction, but they did not find anyone there.

Disha died on June 8. He committed suicide by jumping from the 14th floor of a tall building. On the other hand, the Patna Police team reached the Malwani police station in Mumbai to get information related to Disha’s death, but the Mumbai Police refused to give any information there. The Mumbai Police said that the folder containing information and documents related to Disha’s death was accidentally deleted. The Patna Police team said that it would help in re-covering the folder, but the Mumbai Police did not give an exact answer.

Mumbai police overturned after a phone call
According to sources, at the time when the Patna Police team was sitting in the police station, the phones of Mumbai Police officers started ringing. The behavior of the Mumbai police also changed with the arrival of a call. The officers there refused to give the laptop to the SIT from Patna. Questions are beginning to arise as to who suddenly came under pressure from Mumbai Police?

Mumbai Police in the circle of questions
Mumbai Police, who are talking about deleting the folder associated with Disha Saliyan’s case, has come under the scanner. How the folder in which the information of such an important case was so easily deleted. Is it not the case that the Mumbai Police is hiding a big secret from Patna SIT.

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