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Bitcoin fell by a record 40% in the second quarter, increasing trouble for investors


Bitcoin fell by a record 40% in the second quarter, increasing trouble for investors 1

New Delhi. The price of bitcoin continues to fall. On Tuesday, bitcoin remained below $34000. The world’s largest cryptocurrency on the coinmarketcap.com index fell 1.89 percent to $33,813.12 in the past 24 hours. On the other hand, the ongoing crackdown against the cryptocurrency around the world has resulted in a historic loss of nearly 50 percent in the period from its mid-April high. Whereas in the second quarter, bitcoin is down about 40 percent. It is believed to be one of the biggest quarterly declines in the history of cryptocurrencies. If this fall below $30,000, it could prove to be a problem for investors.

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Despite the decline, the credibility of the investors remained intact.

According to bitcoin’s Zebpay trade desk, bitcoin has been quite range-bound over the past few days. It is trading in the range of $32,500 to $36,500 level. The bitcoin taproot upgrade is coming soon. While the effect of similar prices is yet to be seen. This development is likely to have a positive impact on the asset. Despite this, bitcoin is in good shape and remains the favorite coin among investors. According to a global crypto trading platform, a period of trouble may begin when bitcoin drops below $30,000. This could have an impact on the price of other altcoins as well.

World’s top cryptocurrencies price as of 6 July 2021:

1. Bitcoin $33,930 (change of -1.89% in 24 hours)

2. Ethereum $2235.90 ( -1.10% change in 24 hours )

3. Binance Coin $305.16 (1.95% change in 24 hours)

4. Cardano $1.42 ( -1.95% change in 24 hours )

5. Dogecoin $0.235 ( – .95% change in 24 hours )

6. XRP $0.664 (change of -2.16 in 24 hours)

7. Polkadot $15.43 ( -1.23% change in 24 hours )

8. Bitcoin Cash $512.23 ( -0.95% change in 24 hours)

9. Litecoin $138.74 ( -1.86% change in 24 hours)

Philippines becomes country to launch integrated cryptocurrency exchange

Meanwhile the Philippines Stock Exchange became the first stock exchange to launch an integrated cryptocurrency exchange. According to a statement issued by the Philippines Stock Exchange, the importance of cryptocurrencies as an asset class cannot be overemphasized.

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