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Changes are happening in these things from sweets to motor vehicles from today, it will make an impact in your life.


Changes are happening in these things from sweets to motor vehicles from today, it will make an impact in your life. 1

new Delhi. Some important changes are going to happen in your life from today. We are not saying this because the government-issued unlock 5 guidelines have been implemented from today. But also saying that because there will be other changes beyond that which will completely change your daily routine. Like old sweets cannot be sold. The changed rules of the Vehicle Act will come into force from today. Also, there will be tax on those sending money abroad and there are rules and laws which have changed from today. Let us also tell you.

Naked on old sweets
The government has clamped down on sweets even before the festive season starts. The government has made strict rules and now the sweet shopkeeper will have to give the time limit for its use. This means that the shopkeeper will have to give information about how long the uttak sweets can be eaten. This rule made by FSSAI has come into effect from 1 October 2020 ie from today. There has also been a provision for strict action against those who do not do so.

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Television becomes expensive
Today, buying television has also become expensive. The government has decided to impose a custom duty of 5% on the import of open cells used in the manufacturing of TVs. Earlier, a one-year concession was given by the government. Which is over on 30 September. Starting today, the price of 32 inch television is expected to increase by Rs 600 and 42 inch by Rs 1,500.

Changes in motor rules
There have been changes in motor vehicle regulations since today. According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, from today onwards, the necessary documents of vehicles like licenses, registration documents, fitness certificates, permits etc. will be maintained through the government’s web portal. Now a digital copy can also be run. Records of offenses such as e-challan including suspension, compounding and revocation of licenses and registration will also be available on this web portal.

Use of mobile during driving
On the other hand, mobile or other hand held device can be used during driving from today, provided you are using it only to see the route. Also, it is important to take care that the driver’s attention is not disturbed by it. By the way, talking on mobile during driving is fined from 1 thousand to 5 thousand rupees.

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Today, driving license has become easier
Changing the Motor Vehicles Rules 1989 from today has made it easier to get a driving license. According to the new rules, you do not need more documents to get a driving license now. For this, you can check by visiting the website of Ministry of Transport and Roads.

Tax will be levied on sending money abroad
From today onwards, if you are sending money to a foreigner, then you will have to pay tax on it. That is, if your child is studying abroad and sends money to him from India, then you will have to pay an additional 5% collected at source (TCS) tax on that amount. According to the Finance Act 2020, RBI can remit up to $ 2.5 million annually under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme. There is no tax, which has been changed in the rule to bring it under the tax net.

New rules will be implemented in health insurance from today
– Changes in health insurance by IRDA are being implemented from today.
– More disease cover will be available at an affordable rate under all existing and new health insurance policies.
– These changes have been made to make health insurance policy standardized and customer centric.
According to the new rules, companies will not be able to reject a claim on their own.

This bank service will be available at home
From today, you will get many types of service of banks sitting at home.
– Includes non-financial services like check, demand draft, pick up pay order.
Form 15G and 15H to be deposited to save tax on FD interest will also be available at home.
– With the pick up of income tax or GST challan, the account statement request will also be available.
The facility of delivery of term deposit receipt will also be available to the customers at home.


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