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China to Embrace 5G Revolution 




  • China gearing itself to establish the 5G network in the country reports China News Network.
  • The company has been the third-largest telecom provider in the world.

The telecom company of China Unicom is getting its country prepared for the 5G revolution China News Network has reported. The general manager of the telecom company, Chen Xiaotian, believes that to become a global leader in the digital era, the country has to keep up with the modern digital technologies such as blockchain, Internet of Things(IoT) and other futuristic technologies.

Chen Xiaotian has further said, “The advent of the 5G era has brought many disruptive business opportunities to China’s supply chain.”

China Unicom is one of the Chinese owned telecommunications operators in China and provides services such as GSM mobile network, local calling, long-distance calling, internet, etc. The company is the third biggest telecom provider in the world. Last year Unicom allied with Wanxiang Blockchain and created a Center known as the IoT and Blockchain Joint Innovation Center. The alliance aimed to build a hundred innovation centres by collaborating with IoT giants globally, providing solutions to the industries and is dedicated to becoming the world’s leading IoT innovation centre in the coming three to five years.

Globally, many of the countries are now trying to keep up with the digital era and embracing newer technologies by establishing the 5G network. Recently, as reported, India also made plans to start the 5G trials and allowed many companies to participate in these trials. NASSCOM reported that the IoT industry in India has the potential and is expected to reach $9 billion by the end of the year 2020. Globally the market predicts to touch the mark of $300 billion by the end of the year 2020. 

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