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Corona infects exceed 7000 in Delhi


Cases of corona infection have increased after new jobs and shops opened. In seven days, 2801 new cases of corona infection have been registered, taking the total cases to over seven thousand. This figure is jumping every day as the cases of corona patients are not decreasing. However, in the midst of an increase in cases, the government figures are constantly reducing seal areas. Till date, not a single district of Delhi has been able to get out of the red zone.

Whenever the situation in Delhi is seen to be under control, major incidents have suddenly increased in cases. First of all, the cases came from the Tabligi Jamaat. After this, Azadpur, Kapashera and other cases were reported. Now small shops and liquor shops are open in the area. Since then, more and more cases are being reported. According to government data, this week has seen the highest increase in cases so far.

On May 7, 448 corona cases were reported in a single day. There have been three days of the week in which more than 400 cases have been registered on one day. This increase is worrisome for people living in their homes in the Red area for 51 days as they have been waiting for a long time to come out of their homes. There were 3128 patients at the beginning of the week, which increased to 4781 on May 10.

Corona patient
There are only 83 seals left in Delhi.
1623 Patient treatment
‘242 admitted to health care centers
‘1318 admitted to Corona Care Center
‘981 are housed in houses
97678 corona investigation has been done so far

The elderly are more affected
The Corona report is more dangerous for those under 50, the report states that out of the total 7223 cases in Delhi, 69.74 per cent under 50, 15.40 per 50 and 59 and 14.86 per cent over 60 are. So far only 2129 patients have been able to save themselves from this disease.

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