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Corona lost 2500 lives, lockdown also took over 400 lives


Around 3 lakh people have died worldwide due to coronavirus. No drug or vaccine has been invented so far to prevent the corona from spreading. So, more than 200 countries of the world resorted to lockdown to prevent its infection. Lockdown was quite effective in India.

The number of corona positive cases in India is much less than other countries. So far, more than 78 thousand cases of corona have been reported in India. Of these, more than 26 thousand have become healthy. The number of Corona positive active cases in the country is more than 49 thousand. More than 2500 people have lost their lives in India due to Corona. However, in addition to these, there are more than 400 people whose lives, not Corona, died due to lockdown.

During the lockdown, 83 migrant workers who went home died of an accident. At the same time, there were some people who could not cope with the economic crisis created by the lockdown and committed suicide. Not being able to get food also killed more than 50 people.

Liquor stores were also locked until Lockdown 2.0. In such a situation, some people also lost their lives due to alcoholism. Disturbed by alcohol addiction, someone drank the varnish and someone a sanitizer. As a result, 46 people lost their lives due to alcohol addiction.

Corona not lockdown became the cause of death

reason The deaths
Suicide 91
Migrant labor 83
Starvation 58
Alcohol addiction 46
Treatment not found on time 42
Walking or standing in line 29
Lockdown related offenses 14
Violence 12
other reason 43

Where many deaths occurred due to lockdown

state The deaths
Uttar Pradesh 73
Maharashtra 50
Madhya Pradesh 37
Telangana 29
Tamil Nadu 24
Kerala 23
Bihar 21
Andra Pradesh 19
Gujarat 19
Haryana 19
Karnataka 19
Jharkhand 18
Punjab 11
Chhattisgarh 8
Odisha 8
Delhi 7
West Bengal 7
Assam 6
Jammu and Kashmir 6
Rajasthan 6
Uttarakhand 6
Arunachal Pradesh 1
Chandigarh 1
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