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Corona told what is the importance of health insurance, plan ahead


Coronavirus (Covid-19) Insurance: A deadly disease like Corona virus infection has engulfed almost the entire world today. It is not known in advance when the disease is caused. If a sick person goes to a private hospital for treatment, then a hefty amount is charged for the fee. Many people have to sell their property. Similarly, corona disease is catching hundreds of people these days. In India too many people have come in the grip of this disease and many people have died. In such a situation, many insurance companies are covering this new type of disease in their health insurance.

Following the directions of Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), insurance companies are offering plans covering coronaviruses. Such plans allow people to recover the financial losses incurred during treatment. This is because in most plans, the policyholder is paid a lump sum insurance amount if it is found to be corona positive. Today we are telling you about some recently launched health policies covering corona disease, through which you can strengthen your future financially in the past: –

ICICI Lombard has launched the policy named COVID-19 Protection Cover. It has been launched in group insurance mode. 100% of the insurance amount is paid when the policy holder comes to Corona positive. Whatever the cost of the hospital, the company will pay under this policy. However, this cover will be applicable only after the report is positive after getting corona tested at the government authorized center.

People in the age group of 18 to 75 can buy it. Amount of insurance cover is paid in a lump sum in case of first detection of illness during the policy period. However, it has an initial waiting period of 14 days. Customers can get an insurance cover of Rs 25,000 under this policy at a premium of Rs 149.

In the group insurance cover plan of Future Generali, the policyholder is being given many benefits. According to the plan of this company, if the policyholder is found to be corona positive then he will get 100% payment of the insurance amount in the form of lumsum payment. However, at the time of purchasing the policy, the person taking the policy has to give a travel history and also there should not be a medical history associated with the corona.

The specialty of this policy is that if the policy holder is not found corona positive but is kept in the hospital for 14 days for quarantine, then 50% of the insurance amount will be paid as a monthly payment. Not only this, in addition to the 50 percent sum insured, an additional benefit of 10 percent of the sum insured is given to the policy holder for contingencies.

Star Health Insurance is selling a health insurance plan called Star Novel Coronavirus. Under this plan, insurance cover is provided for the policyholder being found corona positive and hospitalized immediately. It has an initial waiting period of 16 days from the date of commencement of the policy. Anyone aged 18 to 65 can take this policy.

The specialty of this plan is that for three months, 25-year-old people who depend on their parents for expenses get covered in it. The biggest feature of this plan is that whatever your travel history (country and abroad) has been in the recent past, you can invest in it. This health policy is available online with 459 plus GST, in which the policy holder gets an insurance cover of Rs 42,000 while the GST in 918 Plus gets an insurance cover of Rs 42,000. The policy can only be purchased by a person once in a year.

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