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Corona vaccine and global market trend will decide market’s move


Corona vaccine and global market trend will decide market's move 1

new Delhi. Investors in the domestic stock market will take a cautious stance next week regarding the increasing cases of Korana virus Kovid-19. Apart from this, news related to Corona vaccine and the global scenario will also have an impact on the stock market. Trends of foreign institutional investors, movement of rupee, fluctuation of crude oil prices in the international market will also have an impact on the stock market.

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The market had closed sharply last week
The stock market recorded a weekly spurt last week and the BSE Sensex rose by a weekly gain of 244.27 points to 43,882.25 points and the National Stock Exchange’s Nifty 50 jumped 78.80 points to 12,859.05 points. There was also a strong buying interest. The midcap of the BSE rose by 461.25 points to 16,436.50 points during the week as investors became resilient. Smallcap also gained 412.35 points to reach 16,182.55 points.

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News of corona vaccine will be seen
Market analysts say that the news of the repeated ban on traffic at various places will affect the trend of investors, in view of the increasing cases of Kovid-19 infection. Investors will continue to monitor the development of the vaccine and its availability in the market.


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