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Corona virus and import policy impact, silence in electronics markets during shopping season

Corona virus and import policy impact, silence in electronics markets during shopping season

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Coronavirus infection and India’s import policy are impacting businesses. Electronic appliances are becoming expensive and there is a lack of market demand. Due to the ongoing tension with China, the decision taken by India for exports has had an impact on the electronic business. Shopkeepers are not getting goods to sell. Apart from this, the effect of Corona virus infection and lockdown is clearly visible on the business.

There is not even a quarter of the crowd in Mumbai’s Manish market, as compared to the general crowd. The effect of the ongoing tension between Corona, lockdown and India China is clearly seen here. Aman, a sales executive, works for an Indian company, Bell. This company is manufactured in China. The tension between India and China and the import policies that have been fixed after that are now being seen on the business of this company. Neither the goods are able to reach on time, nor is the demand as before.

Aman says that “the effect is such that there is no market as before”. Previously the market was doing very well, but now the import has not flowed as before due to the export closure. About 50 percent import is low. Like us, we are meeting the demand of the customer.

Jujar Bagtarawala, who is associated with the mobile devices business, says that the market condition has never been so bad. Very few goods are coming from China, as well as there is no taste in the market as before. Many people have now closed their shops. “They say that” Now only 25 per cent of the business is left, in that we are able to pay rent, electricity bills and money to our employees. If this continues, I will have to close one of my two shops. Many of my friends have closed their shops. ”

The markets are usually crowded only after the Ganeshotsav. It is called shopping season. Every year at this time there is a demand for a speaker due to the festival, but this year 10 percent people of shopkeeper Mohammad Yusuf are not coming. Things are bad. Mohammad Yusuf said that “Every year, work is so much that people keep coming even after closing the shop. This year, we have been sitting like this all day. This never happened.”

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