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Costly air travel may now be increased by 3% in ATF


Costly air travel may now be increased by 3% in ATF 1

new Delhi: Even though the price of Crude Oil is decreasing in the International crude market, Petrol-Diesel price is continuously increasing in our country. Now it is getting news that the price of ATF (Aviation Turbine Fuel) (ATF) used in airplanes has increased by 3%.

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Let me tell you that this is the fifth time the ATF has been increased. ATF has been increased 4 times in the past 2 months. Since ATF is expensive, it is being speculated that the Aviation Companies may increase the price of airplane tickets. Explain that the price of ATF is decided through crude oil, rupees and tax rates. Its price is reviewed every 15 days.

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Talking of Delhi after today’s increase, its price has now gone up to Rs 43,932.53 per kiloliter (per thousand liters).

aHow much increase in TF rates-

ATF rates had increased by a record 56.6 per cent, ie Rs 12,126.75 per kl on 1 June. This was followed by an increase of Rs 5,494.5 per kiloliter (16.3 percent) on 16 June. At the same time, on July 1, the price of ATF was increased by Rs 2,222.94 per kiloliter i.e. 7.48 percent.

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