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Daughter Palak spoke about Shweta Tiwari – I have seen her suffer a lot in life


Shweta Tiwari has been in the headlines for her personal life for quite some time. There have been many ups and downs in Shweta’s personal life. Now Shweta’s daughter Palak has told some things about her mother. Palak while talking to Pinkvilla said, ‘I am proud of my mother. When she used to come to the teacher meeting in my school, I used to feel very proud. Not because she was very popular but because my mother is a strong woman.

Palak said, ‘We have fought many battles in our personal life. I have seen them going through everything. The more I know about those things, the more I think about them. When I see my mother, I think that after all this she is like, how can she be like this? ‘

Palak further said, ‘When people face so much in their life, they get some bitterness in themselves, but my mother did not allow that bitterness in herself. When he faced difficulties, he handled everything with more strength. ‘

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Recently, Shweta said this on separation from husband …

Shweta said during an interview recently that she should be worried after separating from her husband. Shweta said that her personal life is going through a difficult period, but she will have to take care of it.

He said, ‘I have many responsibilities on my shoulder right now. I want to see my family, so if I remain worried then how will I take care of my children. I have to see my daughter, my son and the whole house. I am the only one earning at home. I am both a man and a woman in my house. ‘

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