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Delhi government’s gift to workers Get a labor card made sitting at home with just one call, you will get these benefits


Delhi government's gift to workers Get a labor card made sitting at home with just one call, you will get these benefits 1

new Delhi. The workers suffered the most after the lockdown. Most of the laborers had returned to their homes due to stagnation of work, but as soon as the economy was back on track, they started moving to the cities. Delhi government (Delhi Government) has given great relief to them so that they do not have any kind of trouble. Now workers will not have to wander around to get labor cards. They can easily get it made by sitting at home with just one call. Through Shramik Card, they can avail other financial assistance including ration from the government.

To get a labor card, workers have to call the 1076 helpline number from their phone. By doing this, they will be able to take advantage of the government’s doorstep service. The process of making a laborer card will be started soon. In this, their card will be sent to home within a week. In this regard, Manish Sisodia says that through doorstep service, workers will be able to make laborer cards easily. For this, they will have to get their name, address and mobile number registered by calling the number issued by the government.

Registration process
To avail the facilities available under the Labor Card, workers will have to call the number issued by the government. After doing this, the members posted by the Delhi government will go to the laborer’s house and copy all his documents and fill his data in the online form. The form will be approved on completion of the process. Within a week of doing this, workers can download their labor card via the Internet. Hard copy of this will also be sent to their home.

These people can make cards
Workers cards can be made only by construction workers. This category includes bellers, porter, labor or laborers, masons, masons, tiles and stone fitters, lime painters or whitewares, spice workers, concrete mixers, painters, POP workers, janitors working on construction sites, plumbers, carpenters, Electrician, Fitter, Blacksmith, Gardener, Shuttering Mistry & Labor, Pump Operator, Bar Binder, Crane Operator etc.

Women workers benefit more
Although all registered workers will get the benefit of labor card, but more facilities have been given to women laborers by the government. Under this, a woman laborer will be given 51 thousand rupees for her or daughter’s marriage. However, it is necessary to register as a laborer for at least three years. At the same time, till the birth of two children, the woman laborer or the wife of a male laborer gets maternity benefit of Rs. 30 thousand. Medical assistance of up to Rs 10,000 is given on hospitalization for five days or more. Apart from this, financial assistance is also provided by the government in everything from education expenses to children. At the same time, male workers will be given 35 thousand rupees for their own or their son’s wedding.


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