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Demand for devices and services related to physical identity increased


Demand for devices and services related to physical identity increased 1

New Delhi. Worldwide, the market for devices related to physical identity is increasing day by day. In a market review released on Physical Identity and Access Management, an analysis was conducted on devices related to Physical Identity, services related to them and the market. It was revealed in this review that the market of these electronic devices is increasing all over the world. Along with this, the demand of companies which are providing services related to these devices such as software, programs or other things, is increasing.

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Currently, the countries which have the highest demand for these devices and services are Europe, China, Japan, South Korea, USA and India. The companies that currently top the market are IBM, Oracle, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Wipro and Micro Focus. In view of the increasing growth in this sector, some new players are also coming in the field.

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These services and devices are being used most in the retail sector, healthcare, government offices, defense, telecom and many other industries. Governments are using it to identify victims on highways and those hiding behind nuisances on public places.

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