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Demonetization: 12 Places where Government offers discount for Digital Payments


The campaign to move towards cashless India. The government has asserted the bumper discounts on the card and online payment.

You also can take advantage of it, know where and how much discount you will get.

1. 0.75% discount on the purchase of fuel

Every day Four and a half million people buy petrol and diesel. The sales of digital payments in a month has increased from 20% to 40%. If thirty percent of these increases from the current rate, it will reduce the use of cash. So who will buy petrol or diesel in digital mode, it will be made available at the reduced rate of 0.75%.

2. The village with a population over 10,000 will have POS machines.

Government to provide free POS Machine to One lakh village which has a population of 10,000. Two Free POS machines will be given to each village from the government funds. The one lakh village will be selected for this.

3. RuPay Cards for Farmers

Farmers who hold credit card will be given Rupay Card. These cards will be made available by NABARD through the regional and cooperative banks. After doing this, Farmers will be able to do cashless transactions.

4. The railway ticket discounts

Regions where Urban railway network is present, 0.5% rebate will be provided to the people who will purchase monthly and seasonal tickets via card or online payment. It will start from January. Mumbai will be the beginning.

5. Rs. 10 Lakh Insurance on online ticket booking

As per the current statistics only 58% of the people in India book online railway ticket. So passenger who will book the tickets online will get ten lakh life insurance. People who will purchase the ticket by cash will not able to get the benefit of this scheme.

6. 5% discount during the train journey

A passenger who would pay via digital mode for using Railway catering, accommodation and retiring rooms will get 5% discount from the Indian railway.

7. The 0.5% discount on monthly train pass

Suburban rail network to give 0.5% discount to the passenger who will make online or card payment for the monthly pass.

8. General insurance and life insurance at 10% and 8% Discount respectively 

The public sector insurance company who are in general insurance or life insurance. If someone buys the policy or make the payment of their instalment from their customer portal then in the case of general insurance 10% discount and 8% discount on life insurance will be provided. This is applicable only on new policy

9. No transaction fees on digital payment

The central government will ensure that all the PSUs with whom they relationships will have no transaction fee on any number of transactions via digital mode.

10. Reduction on Rental

PoS machines from state-owned banks, micro-ATMs will not rent more than 100 rupees a month. PSU banks will determine the POS terminals, Micro ATM and mobile POS their rental lease should not exceed Rs 100 a month. 6 Lakh machines have been provided so far they will be further increased. This benefit will also be given to old machines.

11. No service tax on transactions of Rs 2,000

No service tax on transactions of Rs.2,000 on the Credit card or debit card.

12. 10% discount on tolls

10% discount on National Highway on tolls for payments via card.

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