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Dengue can be too Dangerous for Heart Patient

Dengue can be too Dangerous

New Delhi: India is considered the world capital of dengue,
because most of the dengue cases are registered here. This problem increases in
monsoon, because the streets are flooded and filled with water in pothole.
Stagnant water are the sources of Aedes mosquitoes increasingly.

According to a recent research, 58 million Indians are found
suffering from dengue each year, these number is 282 times higher than the
records in the official report which is only 20,000. Burgeoning dengue cases
and the adverse impact on the body’s vital organs, experts advised to take
immediate steps & spread the awareness about prevention methods.

The common symptoms of dengue are fever, vomiting, headache,
pain behind the eyes and severe joint and muscle pain. The disease, which is
characterized by low platelet is checked through blood tests. However, the impact
in patients with mild to severe heart disease, most people are not aware about

According to cardiologist department head Dr. Amar Singhal, Action
Heart Institute, Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, the patient suffering
from dengue which reduces the number of platelets in the body, can have an
impact on the vital organs, especially on the functioning of the heart. If the
number of platelets will go down to 45,000 may have a profound effect on the
functioning of the heart.

Such patient’s heart health if not addressed quickly could
prove fatal. Fluid accumulation around the heart could weaken heart muscle and serious
problems such as blockage in blood flow may be caused by dengue. Heart patients should
know how dangerous it can be dengue for them and to avoid dengue they should
very careful about rainy weather.
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