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Dent Price Prediction in 2019 – What is Dent?


Dent Cryptocurrency is currently trading at $0.00078865 price. Dent cryptocurrency is among the top 100 cryptocurrencies.

What is Dent?

Dent is a DApp on Ethereum blockchain. Dent is a global marketplace to exchange the mobile data, i.e. user from anywhere in the world can buy or sell mobile data.

A lot of user across the globe have unused data, and a lot of traditional telecom operator doesn’t provide a way to share the available mobile with anyone. Dent provides this solution to sell unused data to anyone.

Dent History

The project was launched as Commando Coder Ltd, in 2014 in Hong Kong. Tero Katajainen decided to develop an automated FOREX trading system with built-in risk management functions. In 2017, the company launched its ICO to create Decentralised App for mobile data sharing.

Dent ICO Price 

Dent raised $ 4,300,000 for 70,000,000,000 Dent in June 2017, Dent ICO price was $0.0005 and was listed at 0.00075 at 1.5X. .

Dent Price Prediction in 2019

Dent price prediction as per market experts.

  1. Cryptoground – Dent price will reach around $0.0011 towards the end of this year and expected to reach $0.0033 in 2020
  2. Coinpredictor – As per their algorithm, Dent price will reach $0.0011 by September 2019. They have included future events while prediction the dent price. However, as per their Price based algorithm, the price might drop to $0.0002

Dent price prediction in next five year will be $0.0489 as per Coinswitch. DENT managed to reach 10 million users along with also the stage keeps growing. The business has also begun to expand its services. The project has also launched telephone calls on DENT using the DENT World-Telco service.

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