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Doorstep Banking: Banks will come home and can take advantage of these facilities including cash withdrawal


Doorstep Banking: Banks will come home and can take advantage of these facilities including cash withdrawal 1

new Delhi. Doorstep Banking Service is being run to increase the reach of banks to the common man and to provide convenience to the elderly and other needy. It was launched by the Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman during the Corona period. Since then most of the big banks are offering this facility to the customers. In this, people do not need to go to the bank, instead they can avail facilities like cash withdrawal, deposit, draft receipt etc. at home.

Doorstep Banking Services, run by banks, will help elderly, disabled and visually impaired people above the age of 70 years. They can avail banking services by calling bank employees at their home. This option will be available only to people living 5 km from the bank branch. To take advantage of this service, some processes have to be completed.

Do this work to get service at home
To avail the Doorstep banking service, the customer has to register. For this, the customer has to call the toll-free number of the bank or login through the bank’s website or mobile app and request it. As soon as your application is accepted, a confirmation SMS will be sent by the bank to your registered mobile number. In which a confirmation SMS will be sent. After this, through another message, the customer will be informed about all the days and on which dates the bank agents will come.

It is necessary to verify the service code to prevent fraud
The agent’s service code will have to be verified so that no Bahupia comes into the house as a doorstep service agent. The service code will be sent via SMS to the registered mobile number of the customers. Also, no information related to the account number, account, ATM card or PIN will be shared with the Doorstep Service Agent.

You will get the benefit of these facilities
Doorstep Banking Service customers will be able to take advantage of non-financial services like check sitting, demand drafts, pick up pay orders. Apart from this, service related to money transaction will also be available. Bank customers can avail this facility at a nominal charge. By doing this, you will get the benefit of services such as depositing Form-15G and 15H, income tax or GST challan to withdraw money, deposit, save on tax on FD interest.


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