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Due to farmer agitation, the price of fruits and vegetables may increase in Delhi, this may be the price


Due to farmer agitation, the price of fruits and vegetables may increase in Delhi, this may be the price 1

new Delhi. Due to the farmers’ movement, the arrival of fruits and vegetables from Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir has decreased in Delhi, the capital of the country. Due to decreasing inward arrivals of fruits and vegetables, prices of fruits may continue to increase in other parts of North India including Delhi-NCR. The protesters had earlier blocked only three roadways entering Delhi, but on Wednesday some other routes including the Chilla Border located at Noida Link Road were also blocked.

Prices of vegetables and fruits increased
Vegetable traders said that after Diwali, the arrival of new crops of green vegetables including potatoes, onions, was increasing in the mandis of North India, but due to the farmer movement, the biggest market for fruits and vegetables in Asia was in Azadpur mandi of Delhi. In the past one week, the arrival of many fruits and vegetables has come down by 50 percent.

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GT Road Closed
Businessmen said that trucks loaded with vegetables and fruits are coming inside Delhi from whatever route the truck drivers get open at night, so despite the closure of GT Road, the main road to North India in the National Capital Region for a week Fruits and vegetables are coming in, but it has definitely come down.

Incoming reduced by 50 percent
President of Azadpur Mandi Chamber of Fruit and Vegetables Association MR Kripalani said that the arrival of many fruits and vegetables has come down by 50%. He said that the prices of vegetables would have fallen significantly by now, but instead of declining due to farmer movement, the prices of many vegetables and fruits have increased.

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1000 ton potato arrival
According to Wednesday’s report by Azadpur Mandi APMC, the arrival of potatoes in the mandi was 1,052 tonnes whereas the arrival of potatoes in the mandi had gone up to 1700 tonnes a week earlier. Similarly, onion arrival in the market was 984 tonnes on Wednesday whereas tomato arrivals were only 87 tonnes. The arrival of onions was more than 1300 tonnes and the arrival of tomatoes was over 400 tonnes last week.

Potato onion prices fall
Rajendra Sharma, businessman of Azadpur mandi and general secretary of Potato and Onion Merchant Association, said that the arrival of potato in Delhi is currently from Himachal and Punjab, while onion is coming in from Rajasthan, but due to the farmers’ movement, it is affected. The fall in prices is not as much as it should come, but the wholesale prices of potatoes and onions have come down after Diwali.

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Wholesale prices of vegetables
On Wednesday, wholesale price of onion was Rs 10 to 35 rupees, Rs 16 to 36 rupees of potatoes and Rs 6 to 34 rupees per kg of tomato in Azadpur mandi. However, in Delhi-NCR, the retail price of potato and tomato was above Rs 50 per kg respectively, while that of onion was Rs 60 per kg. Traders fear that if other routes entering Delhi were also blocked due to farmer agitation, the prices of vegetables and fruits may increase in the coming days.


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