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E-Gopala App: PM Modi’s gift to cattle owners, income from new app will double


E-Gopala App: PM Modi's gift to cattle owners, income from new app will double 1

new Delhi. The government is constantly making efforts to improve the condition of farmers and livestock farmers. In this connection, Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) has launched a special app today i.e. on Thursday. Whose name is E-Gopala App. Through this, farmers will be able to get all the information related to animals easily. Which will help in increasing their income. Dairy farmers will benefit greatly through this app. In addition to this app, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched its information portal.

What Is E-Gopala App
It is a comprehensive breed improvement market and informational digital platform. In this, farmers managing livestock will be given information related to artificial insemination, first aid of animals, vaccination, treatment and animal nutrition etc. Apart from this, farmers will also get information about various government schemes and campaigns in this area. Currently there is no digital platform available for farmers managing livestock in the country. In such a situation, this app can prove useful for farmers and livestock farmers.

Message will get alert
How can animals be treated through Ayurvedic medicine and ethno veterinary medicine. Also, for important information related to when to get vaccinated, pregnancy diagnosis etc., Gopala will send an alert through app message. From this you will get information about when and how to treat animals or take advantage of government scheme etc. The app can be downloaded by visiting the Google Play Store. Through this app, cattle rearing will be developed, which will also increase their earnings.


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