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EDGE Browser Blocks illegal Cryptocurrency Mining




  • “Edge” the new Microsoft’s browser to block the occurrence of cryptocurrency mining without the knowledge of the users.
  • The browser has superior features than Base SmartScreen and SafeBrowsing to block malicious malware.

Microsoft launches a new browser, “Edge,” to address the issue of cryptocurrency mining. To protect the users from downloading the mining scripts, the new browser will be able to block such harmful sites. Microsoft released the first full version of its chromium-based browser Edge with its design improvements.

Don Sharp, the reporter for Windows Reporter, elaborated, “Microsoft Edge users will soon be able to navigate the web without the risk of unintentionally downloading crypto miners. This feature targets the ‘less reputable’ sources that infect sites or online ads with crypto-mining code, which executes stealthily after loading in the victim’s browser.”

Microsoft’s program manager Eric Lawrence, claims that the new browser is highly efficient and is capable of handling anti-phishing, anti-malware better than the Smartscreen and SafeBrowsing. He believes that the current Google Safe Browsing does not do a great job in handling the unwanted applications. He has further tweeted, saying, “Base SmartScreen and SafeBrowsing both block malware. The feature shown here goes further by optionally blocking downloads that contain potentially unwanted (but not technically malware) code– think a utility app that also bundles in a crypto miner or notification spammer.”

The crypto-mining attacks have increased significantly in the last year and are proving to be a threat to the whole digital world. Recently, the late basketball player, Kobe Bryant’s picture as wallpaper was used as cryptocurrency mining wallpaper. However, cryptocurrency mining doesn’t happen exceptionally through the online browsers, and mining can happen through other ways as well. Hence, the users should look out for non-browser ways as well.

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