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Elon Musk beats Bill Gates, becomes world’s second richest man


Elon Musk beats Bill Gates, becomes world's second richest man 1

new Delhi. On Sunday, it was mentioned that Elon Musk could ever replace the world’s second richest man and Microsoft’s founder, Bill Gates. Now something similar has been seen. Elon Musk’s wealth rose significantly after Tesla’s shares rose 6.50 percent and beat Bill Gates. Elon Musk’s wealth has seen an increase of $ 100 billion in the last one year. At the same time, Bill Gates has slipped to third place for the second time in history. By the way, with the decrease in the price of shares, once again Bill Gates can reach the second position. The reason for this is that there is an equal difference between the two properties.

Elon Musk is the world’s second richest man
According to foreign media reports, Elon Musk has become the second richest person in the world. His total assets now stand at $ 127.9 billion. His wealth has increased by $ 7.2 billion compared to the previous report. While his wealth has increased by $ 100.3 billion in one year. He achieved this position, pushing Bill Gates to third place. Bill Gates has a net worth of $ 127.7 billion. His last 24 hours has seen an increase of $ 67.3 million. Whereas in one year, Bill Gates’s wealth has increased by $ 14.5 billion.

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How the assets of Anal Musk increased
If you talk about the increase in assets of Elan Musk, then Tesla shares have increased due to the tremendous increase. On November 23, Nasdaq shares gained 6.58 percent in Tesla shares. As a result, the company’s stock peaked at $ 521.85. In the past year, Tesla shares have seen an increase of nearly 800 per cent. Looking at the Nasdaq figures, the company’s share price closed at Rs 67.27 on November 25. Today the same stock has reached around Rs 522. According to a report by foreign media, Elon Musk owns 20% of Tesla’s shares.

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These people are included in the top 5
Talking about the wealth of the top 5 billionaires, Jeff Bezos is the first rung. His net worth is $ 182 billion and his wealth has increased by $ 67 billion in a year. While Bernad Arnault is in fourth place. He currently has assets worth $ 105 billion. His assets have decreased by $ 737 million in the last one year. While Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is seen at number five. He has total assets of $ 102 billion. His wealth has increased by $ 23.3 billion in a year.


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