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Ethereum Mail – A Step Towards Email Privacy Revolution


ETH mail is live now, and let us see what it is, how does it work and how to use it.Technology has started focusing on ease to use blockchain accessibility tools. With security in mind both consumers and enterprise, ETH – mail, the Ethereum based messaging protocol was introduced sometime in last year. This was added to ensure messages remain truly private between sender and receiver.

ETH mail is the email provider just like the other email providers like Gmail etc. But there is a twist that you do not register an account with this email. You use your Ethereum wallet signature to control over the email account. It allows direct communications between the Ethereum addresses using standard email technology.

ETH mail works similar to Hashcash that was used years ago to add a proof-of-work function to all messages. With this function, the ETH mail gets benefitted of being spam-proof.

Usage of Ethreum Mail

The emails are sent in the same way the regular emails are sent but with a slightly different email address. If you want to contact a person controlling address 0x123…567, then send email to 0x123…567@ethmail.cc from any standard regular email account. Your mail will wait for them in ethmail.cc.

To access your mailbox, you need a device, i.e., mobile or desktop, an email client that supports IMAP ( almost all support these days), a web wallet or hardware wallet with browser extensions and a username and password to configure the client. The username will be your email id like 0x123…567@ethmail.cc, and for the password, it needs to be generated using essential management web app. It’s very easy to create one just log in the wallet create the new key, and your new key will be the password.

This is one step towards digital privacy revolution today. Anyone using this can become a part of this revolution.

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