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Expectant wife and child pulled 800 Km with the help of wooden carriage, 17 days walking


People are facing a lot of difficulties due to the lockdown implemented across the country due to the spread of the corona virus. The country has seen pictures of migrant laborers. Workers from different corners of the country have left for their homes on foot, trucks and whatever means are available. It is locked on eating and drinking and life, so they have no choice but to go home. In such a situation, a video is being played on social media in which a laborer is dragging his pregnant wife and two-year-old girl on a wooden carriage made by them towards the house.

According to a report by TV news channel NDTV, the man lived in Hyderabad and after finding all the options could not afford to go home, the migrant laborer left with his wife and child. It made a car with bamboo and wood lying on the way and came out 800 km away, sitting on it and dragging the wife and the girl.

The name of this migrant laborer is Ramu. He told that he walked for 17 days on a hot afternoon after which he reached Balaghat. He told that the couple saw this couple coming on the Rajegaon border of the district, after which they helped them. The daughter did not even have slippers in her feet, after which the policeman provided the girl with slippers and then arranged for a private vehicle to reach Ramu’s family home.

There is a similar story of Balakrishna who left from Bhiwandi in Maharashtra to Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh. He told news agency ANI that I am coming from Maharashtra, Bhiwandi on foot, I have to go to Jaunpur. It has been 8-9 days since we have been traveling to people. Took food as long as there was money, when the dying situation happened, people walked on foot. On seeing the child on the way, people used to give a little food Balakrishna said that if he lived there, he would die of hunger. When they asked for help from the factory owner, they used to say go home. We had no way, so we chose a walking path.

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