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Facebook Adds Call To Action ‘Donate Button’ For Charities


for business has innovated to keep small businesses abreast with the best the
social media has to offer in customer engagement. A new “Donate
Button” will provide users an option to contribute to their organisation
of their choice right through Facebook. 
A call to action button was an option small businesses were asking for
that makes contributions simple and easy without the users needing to be diverted
from their social media experience.

call to action button will also be an effective tool to raise money at times of
crises. Most millennial source their news from social media and a call to
action tool can be a source of encouragement to the users to contribute their
part in making a change. The button will also link organisation’s
advertisements and pages on Facebook. A click on the button will carry the
users to organisation’s donation page. 

the Donate button has existed for a long time for organisations like UNICEF and
Red Cross this will mark the first time it is available for NGOs at large. It
will make it easier for NGOs to advertise and reach out to potential customer
base and generate valuable funds on which NGOs service the community.
are inspired by how much good comes from these connections, so we have added
‘Donate Now’ calls-to-action on Pages and link ads to make those connections
easier than ever,” said a Facebook spokesperson to Mashable.
option right now is available only for NGOs. ALS association’s social media
pages is one of the high profile NGOs that has opted for ‘Donate Button’
option.  Last year ALS’s social media
campaign raised massive amounts of funds through viral social media campaigns.
Organisations like ALS are sure to welcome a move that makes crowd funding
donations easier.
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