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Faridabad parts factories in crisis, business down 25%

Faridabad parts factories in crisis, business down 25%

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new Delhi:

The condition of the industry across the country is not good due to the lockdown. Faridabad has five thousand small factories for making truck, car and motorcycle parts where two to three lakh people get employment. But it is estimated that this year their work has reduced by 20 to 25 percent. In Faridabad, parts from motorcycles to trains are ready in factories. More than three lakh laborers work in these factories.

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Saket Bhatia’s family has been making bike and car parts for the past thirty years. But before the lockdown, the condition of the transport business was not good, now the figures of CII are increasing more concern.

Saket Bhatia, owner of Boney Polymer Limited, said, “See, this year around 25 percent of our business will be less. Due to this, our plan to increase industry and investment is not available at the moment. ”To confirm Saket Bhatia’s estimate, we have collected data on the registration of new vehicles across the country, the situation looks alarming. While 23 lakh vehicles were registered in March this year, only 3.5 lakh in April, only two lakh in May, only 10 lakh in June.

The figures of Saket Bhatia and the auto industry are showing that over one lakh jobs working in the auto industry of Faridabad are in danger, due to this, Neeraj Sharma, MLA from Faridabad who staged a sit-in protest against the workers being fired in Faridabad Explains that the main problem today is unemployment. Neeraj Sharma said that some mother units have migrated due to which unemployment has increased. People come with the biggest problem.

In Faridabad, more than five lakh people work in 25 thousand big and small industries and get an average of four thousand crores revenue. BR Bhatia, president of Faridabad Industrial Association, says that the government should reduce the GST in auto sector parts along with reducing the electricity charge charges. BR Bhatia said that “If the work was stopped for two months due to the lockdown, then the factories should also waive the fix charge of two months so that small industries get some relief, first of all electricity.”

The problem in the leprosy is that the transport business is getting badly affected and the employment of 40 lakh people associated with the truck business alone is likely to be affected. The impact of the lockdown has badly hit the business of the whole world, but the government needs a big plan and honest effort to deal with this hopelessness, only then the business and the employment related to it can be saved.

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