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Farmers can become rich with black wheat farming, can earn in lakhs


Farmers can become rich with black wheat farming, can earn in lakhs 1

new Delhi. Most of the people are doing farming due to the work being stopped during the lockdown, but they are not making good profit due to lack of more buyers. In such a situation, you can earn a lot by adopting black wheat cultivation. Because its price in the market is in millions of rupees. Through its cultivation, you can become rich in a short time. Some time ago a farmer from Sirsauda earned millions of rupees from the black wheat crop. This is different from traditional farming in a different way.

Sells for 7 to 8 thousand per quintal
Black wheat is sold four times more expensive than ordinary wheat. It costs a little more money to plant it, but it yields good profits. Black wheat is sold for 7 to 8 thousand rupees per quintal. While the price of ordinary wheat is 2 thousand quintals. In this case, there is four times more profit in black wheat than normal.

Treasure of medicinal properties
Black wheat contains many nutritious ingredients. Therefore it is capable of fighting many diseases. It is rich in iron. This wheat proves to be the most beneficial for patients with cancer, blood pressure, obesity and sugar. It ends blood loss. Also, the light of the eyes also increases.

The right time to cultivate black wheat
According to experts, November is very good for black wheat cultivation. This is the time when there will be moisture in the fields. It is very important for black wheat. Sowing of black wheat after November may result in a decline in crop yields. Therefore, the cultivation of this wheat should be started as soon as possible. Black wheat seeds can be obtained from the market or fertilizer center.

How much is the yield
Black wheat yields are also better than normal wheat. One bigha can produce 1000 to 1200 kg of black wheat. Seeddryl’s help should be taken for black wheat sowing. This will save fertilizer and seeds.


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