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Fastest 27 days of stock market history, Sensex gained 6533 points


Fastest 27 days of stock market history, Sensex gained 6533 points 1

new Delhi. Today the stock market crossed the 46 mark for the first time. If you look at the figures from November to date, the Sensex has shown a gain of over 6500 points in these 27 trading sessions. According to experts, in less than a month, the rise of more than 6000 marks has appeared for the first time in history. On the other hand, the Nifty has seen an increase of more than 1500 in these trading sessions. If you talk about 27 business days, then all the top companies, except Reliance Industries, have made profits. Reliance has a market cap of over Rs 1 lakh crore. While the market cap of BSE has gained Rs 16,63,89,315.32 crore.

Sensex and Nifty rise
Talking about today’s rally in the stock market, the Bombay Stock Exchange’s major index Sensex has gained 513.31 points to close at 46,121.81 points. Whereas today the Sensex reached the record mark with 46164.10 points. It took only three trading sessions for the Sensex to cross 45 thousand to 46 points. While the National Stock Exchange’s major index Nifty 50 gained 398 points to close at 13,531.85 points. It took 10 business days for the Nifty to cross the 13 thousand to 13500 mark. According to experts, the Nifty may soon be seen crossing the 14 thousand mark.

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Sensex situation since November
– Sensex reached 45 to 46 thousand points in three trading sessions.
– Reached 44 to 45 thousand points in 12 trading sessions.
– Sensex took four trading sessions to reach 43 to 44 thousand mark.
– Sensex reached 40 to 43 thousand points in 5 trading sessions.
– Sensex reached 39 to 40 thousand points in three trading sessions.

This kind of boom was seen in Nifty 50
– 24 days to reach 12 thousand to 13 thousand digits.
– 10 days to reach 13 thousand to 13500 marks.
– 7 days to reach 13 thousand to 13250 digits.
– 3 days to reach 13250 to 13500 digits.
– It took 77 days to reach 12 thousand digits from 11 thousand digits.

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BSE’s top 10 companies in 27 business days

name of the company MCap on 30 October (in crores of rupees) MCAP on 9 December (in crores of rupees) Difference (in crore rupees)
Reliance Industries 13,89,159.20 12,84,782.75 – 1,04,376.45
TCS 9,99,954.24 10,54,345.05 54,390.81
HDFC bank 6,51,518.11 7,74,146.03 1,22,627.92
Hindustan Unilever 4,86,898.54 5,38,424.31 51,525.77
Infosys 4,51,753.23 5,00,555.03 48,801.8
Hdfc 3,45,287.89 4,14,818.73 69,530.84
ICICI Bank 2,70,736.06 3,52,817.32 82,081.26
Kotak Mahindra Bank 3,06,331.09 3,72,744.04 66,412.95
Bharti Airtel 2,36,552.97 2,74,414.53 37,861.56
Bajaj Finance 1,99,551.54 2,91,833.05 92,281.51
BSE 1,57,92,249.91 1,82,81,565.23 16,63,89,315.32

What do you know
According to Trade Swift Director Sandeep Jain, the stock market has seen unprecedented fast. Even in 2008, when there was a slowdown and the market fell, it took three to four months to recover. Whereas this time this recovery has been achieved in just under one month trading sessions. On the other hand, according to market analyst Anuj Gupta, 6500 points have never been seen in the market in just 27 trading sessions. It may be further increased in the coming days.


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