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Flashback: Rajkumar was domineering even in real life, he showed his courage when he was surrounded by goons


It has been two and a half decades since the death of actor Rajkumar, who was born in Balochistan and was an inspector, but his dialogues are still in people’s minds. Rajkumar’s entry into Bollywood is also very interesting, giving many hit films from Mother India to Pakija. Inspector Kulbhushan Pandit was born on 8 October 1926 in Loralai Balochistan. Rajkumar, who gave hit films like Samay, Dil Ek Mandir and Kajal, only played a domineering role in reel life, but very few people know that he was a bully in his personal life too. Even once a person was killed in a dispute with him and he was arrested.

Rajkumar became an overnight star after the release of India’s first film Mother India, to be nominated for an Oscar. In this film, which came in 1957, Rajkumar played the role of a farmer. His role was well-liked by the people and he came into the era of stardom. On Premchand’s novel Godan baseHe also played the role of a farmer in the film.

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During the same period one day in the evening, he went out on Evening Drive with his director friend Prakash Arora and his wife. Meanwhile, the prince stopped at a roadside shop to have a drink. When he was standing with his friend, some people came there and started harassing him. Eventually the prince’s patience was answered and the fighting began. One person was killed in this fight and the prince was arrested. The case against Rajkumar went on for about a year and he turned out to be immaculate. It is said that Rajkumar was helped in this case due to being from the police background.

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At the time when Rajkumar made his acting debut, there were many legendary stars including Dilip Kumar, Ashok Kumar. Rajkumar was never seen in a match with Dileep, but in a film like Paigam, his dialogue delivery was seen to be overshadowed by Dileep Kumar. Rajkumar worked with many actresses like Nargis, Meena Kumari, Mala Sinha and Hema Malini.

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