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From July 1, ATM transactions to checkbooks will all become expensive in SBI


From July 1, ATM transactions to checkbooks will all become expensive in SBI 1

New Delhi. Similarly, the country is troubled by inflation. Now people will also have to face banking inflation. Yes, inflation linked to banks is called banking inflation. In fact, State Bank of India, the largest bank in the country, is going to expensive from April 1, from service charge to ATM transaction charge and new checkbook issue charge. In fact all these charges will be applicable on the Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account. Let us also tell you about all these…

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Service charge change
According to media reports, State Bank of India, the country’s largest bank, is going to give a big blow to its customers from July 1. The bank is going to change the service charge of its basic savings bank deposit account. These changes will be effective from July 1, 2021.

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ATM transaction charge will be expensive
– Bank account holders will be able to do free transactions only 4 times.
After that, every transaction will incur a service charge of Rs 15 and GST.
– Earlier, in the BSBDA account, many rebates are given by the RBI.
This is a zero balance account, which can be opened by anyone.
– There is no problem of people having minimum balance in BSBDA account.

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It will take charge to issue a checkbook
At the same time, these account holders get 10 pages of checkbook free every year, but after issuing the checkbook, there will be a charge of 40 rupees plus GST, then for the 40-page checkbook, you will have to pay 75 rupees plus GST. These account holders do not have to pay any extra charge for online transactions.

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