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Gas Cylinder will be booked through WhatsApp, know what is the process, in which cities it started


Gas Cylinder will be booked through WhatsApp, know what is the process, in which cities it started 1

new Delhi. Now you do not have to stand in long line to book Gas Cylinder. Through the internet, now customers can easily book a gas cylinder sitting at home, this work can be done through WhatsApp in minutes. Companies that provide all gas cylinders (Gas Booking) are now offering the facility to book gas cylinders for customers through WhatsApp. The special thing is that customers can book via registered mobile number (LPG Gas Cylinder Booking).

Gas companies have issued numbers through which Gas Cylinder Booking Online can be done. All you have to do is type ‘REFILL’. With the help of WhatsApp, the status (Book gas cylinder) can also be detected. Be aware that booking facility on WhatsApp number has started in Hisar, Haryana, Banka and Bhagalpur in Bihar.

Know, how can booking

First of all, you have to message 7588888824. You will have to press the hash button after typing refill in the message box. After this, you enter your 16 Digit Consumer ID. This ID is shown on the gas cylinder booking copy. After booking, you can also see the status report of the order number on the mobile version of the APP.

Know how to know the states

– For this, you have to send STATUS # followed by the order number which you get right after booking at 7588888824.
For example, you need to type something like this from STATUS # 12345.

These gas companies will also be booked

– Indane Gas
– Hindustan Petroleum HP Gas (HP Gas)
– Bharat Gas (Bharat Gas)

Can complain of overcharging

If someone takes more money from you or you want to make some other complaint, you can complain on Indian Oil’s Twitter handle. There is also an option to lodge a complaint on the customer portal provided in the software.

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