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Gold and silver became costlier in domestic market due to fall in Rupee against Dollar


Gold and silver became costlier in domestic market due to fall in Rupee against Dollar 1

new Delhi. Dollar, rupee and gold and silver are quite interlinked. Whenever there is a rise in the dollar in the international market, then gold and silver become cheaper. At the same time, when the dollar is faster against the rupee, then the price of gold and silver increases in the Indian market. Something similar is being seen even today. Gold and silver prices are seeing a rise due to the depreciation of the rupee against the dollar. Let us also tell you how much the rupee has fallen against the dollar and how its effect is being seen in gold and silver.

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Fall in rupee
According to the information, the rupee appears to have fallen by 4 paise against the dollar. As per the data, the rupee had closed at 73.26 against the dollar on Tuesday. Whereas today at 1:30 pm on Wednesday, the rupee is trading at 73.30 rupees against the dollar. According to informed Anuj Gupta, since this morning, the rupee is trading down against the dollar. The rupee has been trading down since Tuesday.

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Gold and silver became expensive
Due to the fall in the rupee, the price of gold and silver in the domestic market is increasing. First thing is the price of gold, then at one o’clock in the afternoon at 50 minutes, the price of gold is trading at Rs 50339 per ten grams with a gain of Rs 94. Whereas gold was opened at Rs 50369 today. Talking about the price of silver, it is trading at Rs 60950 per kg with an increase of Rs 408. While today silver opened at Rs 60725.

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